Washington Daily News invited me to send them a few words answering the question; “Why I Love Washington”

Here’s a transcript of the piece you can find in the current issue of Washington Magazine:

Adopt:  “to take by choice into a relationship” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I chose Washington.  You might say I “adopted” this city, and Washington, in return, you adopted me.

You welcomed me.  You integrated me and made me more than someone who merely lives in Washington.  You made me family.

“Adopt” is a word that has deep significance to me.  I learned about it at an early age when my mother began explaining to me that I was adopted.

In terms that a child could grasp, she explained that they had purposely chosen me and because of that, I was even more special to them.  Their careful introduction of this concept ensured I would always feel great about how our family came to be.

During my career, I had been to Eastern North Carolina many times, meeting clients and overseeing engineering projects.  I was already predisposed toward moving to this region, and when my wife and I visited Washington, our decision was an easy one to make.

Soon after that, the magic began.  The folks we met were open, friendly, welcoming, and happily allowed me to lend a hand wherever I thought I could help.  This was truly an adoption process.

I’ve discovered much about you, Washington.  You are a city that is steeped in its history and that you celebrate all the progress and boon times you’ve encountered, while taking pride in your endurance through the challenges and disappointments.

Knowing that no community is perfect, you are constantly working toward a brighter future, intent on improving it day by day.  You are undaunted and optimistic.  You are also realists and you realize you must earn this better future through hard work.

I’ve lived and worked in many areas of the country and abroad.  From Biddeford Maine, to Los Angeles, Tucson AZ, Santa Clara CA, London, Curacao, and more.  So, I guess I can claim to know a thing or two about communities! 

In Washington, I’ve discovered a special blend of attributes that together, produced an amazing city in which to live.

When you can say that you leave the house every day, rubbing your hands in anticipation of the day’s activities, when you can say that you truly look forward to meeting with that group of people or organization, you know you’ve found the perfect adopted family.

No family is perfect, and families can have disagreements, but the family members’ commitment to stick with it and continue to make life better for his or her family is what makes the process rewarding.

What a privilege to have been taken in by such a community.

So, when the question is, “Why do I love Washington?”, I say, “What’s not to love!”.

– Roland Wyman

You can find the published article in the September/October issue of Washington Magazine here: