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This was Roland’s campaign web site and is now being converted to provide ongoing information his city council acitivities.  Please be sure to check back often!

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Roland’s Recent Articles

On Fees vs. Taxes

Wyman's Washington “What’s happening, Roland?”   I’ve sat on just a few city council meetings since being elected, and I’ll soon provide an update on this fascinating experience.  But first, I should probably talk about changes you may have recently read about and...

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Our City has a New Fan

  Washington, NC's Newest Fan 10   APRIL, 2018 Washington in the eyes of a child Washington, you made me proud. My newest granddaughter, Jacqueline, recently visited us and had an absolutely delightful time touring and playing in our city.  Oh, and, she brought her...

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Wyman’s Washington – Getting Started

What I’m About to Say… This is my first post since being sworn in to Washington city council, so let me start by explaining that what “Roland Wyman” says here should not be mistaken for “Washington City Council Says”! All throughout the month, I’m “Roland Wyman”,...

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Roland’s Vision

“My vision for the city of Washington is that of a vibrant, integrated city that includes people of all socio-economic statuses, with a growing economic base of businesses and travel-and-tourism to ensure that the needs of all our residents are met.” – Roland Wyman

Roland’s Mission

Economic Growth

Work with economic development leaders at the city and county levels to bring more businesses and jobs to Washington.

Travel and Tourism

Work with travel-and-tourism organizations as well as WHDA, to improve, maintain, and promote our city’s cultural heritage, its charming setting, and other attractive attributes.


Help ensure our city planners maintain a priority on city drainage and traffic issues and foster close cooperation with state and county entities to develop and implement unified action plans.


Maintain continuous outreach to encourage constructive dialog with residents to benefit from their wealth of ideas and potential solutions to challenges our city faces.

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