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Our most recent city council meeting

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Roland’s Recent Articles

What’s Not To Love?

What’s Not To Love?

Washington Daily News invited me to send them a few words answering the question; "Why I Love Washington" Here's a transcript of the piece you can find in the current issue of Washington Magazine: Adopt:  “to take by choice into a relationship” – Merriam-Webster...

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Our July 8, 2019 City Council Meeting

Our July 8, 2019 City Council Meeting

Our recent city council meeting was Monday, July 8th, and... you guessed it, our council chambers didn't look quite like this! As a matter of fact, I didn't see many of you there, but that's okay.If things are going reasonably well here in Washington and we're not...

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I’m Going for it Again!

I’m Going for it Again!

Wyman for Washington 2.0 Home 07 JULY, 2019 "Positive Direction"- Progress- Cooperation Well folks, I’ve filled in the forms, signed and filed them.  I’m in! This, of course, means another few months of campaigning, leading up to our election on November 5th. Let’s...

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Roland’s Vision

“My vision for the city of Washington is that of a vibrant, integrated city that includes people of all socio-economic statuses, with a growing economic base of businesses and travel-and-tourism to ensure that the needs of all our residents are met.” – Roland Wyman

Roland’s Mission

Economic Growth

Work with economic development leaders at the city and county levels to bring more businesses and jobs to Washington.

Travel and Tourism

Work with travel-and-tourism organizations as well as WHDA, to improve, maintain, and promote our city’s cultural heritage, its charming setting, and other attractive attributes.


Help ensure our city planners maintain a priority on city drainage and traffic issues and foster close cooperation with state and county entities to develop and implement unified action plans.


Maintain continuous outreach to encourage constructive dialog with residents to benefit from their wealth of ideas and potential solutions to challenges our city faces.

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