I’m so grateful that so many friends, colleagues, neighbors have stepped up to write a few words to say what they want people to know about me.
Please read Winnie and Patrick’s words here:
“We are pleased to endorse and support Roland Wyman in his endeavor to run for a seat on Washington’s City Council.
We have known Roland as a neighbor and a friend ever since he and his wife moved to Washington.
In addition, he was elected to and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of our community’s homeowners association.
It is in this capacity that we have witnessed his calm, thoughtful and logical nature.
He is an excellent listener, a devoted problem solver and a willing contributor of his time and sundry business abilities. Community issues are definitely a high priority for him and he loves Washington, North Carolina.
We believe that Roland will work tirelessly to strengthen the vitality of our city and to help move it in a positive and progressive direction toward a hopeful future to benefit all residents of Washington.
We will be voting for Roland in the upcoming election.
Also, we will be telling others of our conviction that Roland Wyman is the right choice for a seat on Washington’s City Council.”
Most sincerely,
Winnie and Patrick Ternan


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