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There has been some interest in having a Kayak Launch in our harbour.  We have looked at several options and believe the launch pictured below best suits our needs.  The launch would be installed in one of the slips closest to the bulkhead.  The cost of the launch is approximately $2,100. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen.  You can help two ways.


Financially:  We need to raise money to pay for the launch.  We’ve already proven we can do it!  Last year, we installed water & a fish cleaning station on the docks, and we raised $2,550 from the harbour residents to help pay for the project.  That was amazing and just shows what we can do when we pull together to make improvements to our harbour.  When we were raising money last year, our HOA Board approved a $1,200 contribution.  Because our residents were so generous, the board only had to contribute $662 of the $1,200 committed. 


Our HOA Board has agreed to contribute the remaining $538 from the approved $1,200 funding (for the water & fish cleaning station) toward the cost of the kayak launch. There will be no other funds forthcoming from the HOA. We need to raise the balance of $1,562.  We’ve already had a few residents commit to a $100 contribution towards the cost of the launch.  Will you join us by contributing


Physically: Once the launch arrives, we will need a few people to help get it installed.  Can you spare a weekend afternoon to help install the launch?


If you would like to contribute financially to the launch or sign up to help with the installation, please contact Gwen Edwards, Unit #102, at 252-714-4162 or email


Thank you.


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