I have known Roland for over 25 years both professionally and personally. With no hesitation, I can say that during this time it has, and continues to be an honour to know him and be counted amongst his friends.

We started off on a professional basis working together in Europe all those years ago and during this time I found him very honourable, decent and a man of his word, especially where it involved our customers and their expectations. What Roland promised them when they purchased a machine or system, which we duly installed, he made pretty sure that the machine or system did what it said on the tin. This has been one of the main reasons why 25 years later I am still trading with the same customers over here in Europe, which says everything about Roland and his character. A man of his word, I can safely say, and his people handling skills second to none. I learned a lot from being in his company during our travels around Europe. Today I am very proud to say that we are still very good friends and I would not hesitate to turn to him for advice or valued judgement as required. I wish him every success in any venture or activity he decides to pursue because one thing I am sure of is that he will not stand still and give whatever he does 100% every time. He knows no other way.

Steve Clune – Managing Director, TechnoServe International, LTD, Wexford, Ireland.

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