Our recent city council meeting was Monday, July 8th, and… you guessed it, our council chambers didn’t look quite like this!

As a matter of fact, I didn’t see many of you there, but that’s okay.

If things are going reasonably well here in Washington and we’re not deciding on crucial, or hot-button issues, what we do during the course of a meeting is…  I’ll say it… fairly boring to witness.

Here’s the video from Monday evening if you care to scan through.

You’ll also find a few more thoughts below the video:

Those of you who have attended these meetings, or if you were curious enough to view parts of Monday’s meeting, will see that much of our agenda involves dealing with the finances.

Operating a city involves many functions and services as you know.  Washington has departments that keep the lights on, get water to your homes, maintain and clean the streets, and more.  Each of these services run on your tax dollars, and as citizens, we demand that the city account for every dollar spent.

We want to keep track of everything, especially if there are items that might change during the year and might vary from our budget.

Our staff meticulously tracks it all and you’ve appointed us to work with staff and verify all this on your behalf.

That process makes for dry, boring TV.

And that’s a good thing!

Congratulations New Council Members!

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