More great news for Washington!
We’ll soon be using funds from the North Carolina Department of Commerce to continue making improvements to our waterfront and downtown area.
Here’s the latest news item from WNCT:
We all know our city, built along the waterfront, is quite a sight.
Washington’s history is there for visitors and residents to see and appreciate.
But, of course, there’s always room for improvement.
Our city has adopted a “street-scape” design that will serve as a master plan for any improvements we make in the coming years.
The various projects that will be funded by this newest grant will be among the first steps in implementing this new, updated look for our city.
Why is this such great news?  Why is this even important?
Well, although “looks aren’t everything”, and improving our appearance is only a portion of the various aspects of our city we strive to improve, putting our best foot forward for visitors can really make a difference.
Folks who visit Washington to consider moving here, and those who come here to shop and dine, will all remember a beautiful first impression.
Many of us may be hearing our mother’s voice saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, but we all learned that a great cover can make you take that book off the shelf and spend a bit more time looking through it.
There’ll be more news about how we’re moving our city in a “Positive Direction”, but for now, let’s enjoy this win!

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