Washington, NC’s Newest Fan


APRIL, 2018

in the

eyes of a child

Washington, you made me proud.

My newest granddaughter, Jacqueline, recently visited us and had an absolutely delightful time touring and playing in our city.  Oh, and, she brought her parents along too!

For those of us who live and work in Washington, it’s easy to lose sight of how lucky we are that our city has many of the things that make it so pleasant, so livable.

Sliding at Festival Park

For a few days, I was able to see our city through the eyes of first time visitors who came down from New England and are still in the, “Will this winter ever end?”, frame of mind.

We visited our Main Street, our waterfront, and many of our neighborhoods where they could see our history on display.

“I enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa!”- Jacqueline

Of course, Jacqueline checked out some of our playgrounds, and I’m happy to say, they met with her approval.

As for local eateries, she’s not quite ready to handle her own burger, but she still enjoyed seeing our favorite spots and all the people she met.

Can we go swinging again?


The pool at the Aquatic Center was a big hit, especially since she got dad to come in with her.

Of course, she insisted on touring the municipal building since she heard grandpa spends a lot of time there.  She met many of the folks who work there and smiled for each of them.

Yes, our city has a new fan and she promises to be back often, and to bring her parents!

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