Wyman for Washington 2.0


JULY, 2019

“Positive Direction”
– Progress
– Cooperation

Well folks, I’ve filled in the forms, signed and filed them. 

I’m in!

This, of course, means another few months of campaigning, leading up to our election on November 5th.

Let’s call this campaign “Wyman for Washington 2.0” because my message will be much the same as the previous campaign, but I’ll be able to build on the key points, having learned so much since December 2017.

My decision to run again wasn’t made lightly. 

My wife Deborah and I discussed it at length.  We weighed the pros and cons, of course. 

The position involves so much more than just showing up every second Monday at 5:30 PM.

Family Visit

Photo by Jake Wyman

Frankly, this is time Deborah and I could have together, so I had to know she was willing to make that sacrifice for another two years.

In the end, we realized we both love our city and want to contribute our time and efforts to help us all continue to move in a “Positive Direction”.

I’ll be sure to provide regular updates as the campaign progresses, so please be sure to click the “Update Me” button.

“I’ll be sure to provide regular updates as the campaign progresses, so please be sure to click the “Update Me” button.”


I’m still amazed at the great number of you who supported me for my last run for city council and I trust you will continue your support.

If you live in the city, your vote will be crucial. 

If you live outside the city limits and can’t vote, you can still support me and our city’s progress. 

“City council members answer to all residents, everywhere in our city.”

“Our city is in our hands.”

Tell your friends about my campaign! 

I’ll bet many of them live here and will be able to vote.

So, my friends in Chocowinity, Washington Park, and elsewhere in Beaufort County, you can still join my campaign and help our jewel of a city on the Pamlico continue in its “Positive Direction”!

I’ll keep you up to date as we work toward election day.

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