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May, 2018

Brown library offers programs and services we can all enjoy.

I recently attended another presentation of “A Bite of History” at the George H. & Laura E. Brown Library and this time Bartow Houston delivered an hour of his great collection of anecdotes giving us glimpses into Washington’s history.

Bartow Houston

Photograph by Matthew Debnam – Washington Daily News

You may know Bartow from his regular contributions to Washington Daily News.

He’s one of the many local historians we’re fortunate to have living here in Washington, who helps us both preserve and enjoy our past.

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A Bite of History is a speaker series that you don’t want to miss.  It’s one of many programs that make our local library such an asset to Washington.

You won’t want to miss Leesa Jones July 19, “I’m from Washington and Nobody Told Me This!”

If you missed earlier presentations, you can watch Blount Rumley below:

Watch Blount Rumley present “Back in the Day” in a previous Bite of History

You might also like to follow this link to find a recent article from Washington Daily News, where Matthew Debnam provided more details on Bartow Houston’s recent presentation.

(Thanks to Mr. Debnam for the photos used for this post!)

Funding our library seems to be a hot topic lately.

Follow this link to read what my thoughts are on how our library should be funded.

“On Fees vs. Taxes”

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