Good friend, and great photographer, Paul Harding, is known for his nature photos but he recently surprised us with a series of exciting photos of crop dusters flying nearby.

“Local airports serve an important role as economic and public safety assets for communities across the state.”

Cindy Hyde-Smith

There are certain times each year when our local airport, Washington-Warren Airfield (OCW) is abuzz with airplanes that are tending to our local agricultural sector.

It’s fascinating to watch take-offs and landings in rapid succession.

We often think that it’s mostly hobbyists and some business that use small airports such as OCW, but they also support our agricultural economy and they’re vital in various emergency situations.

Enjoy the photos!

– Roland Wyman

Roland Wyman is a retired businessman and marketing consultant.

His company, IBXonline LLC, , provides a variety of web related services.


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