Part 1 was a thumbnail bio(if you missed it, click here).
That post was intended to give you a summary of my career experience.
You might now think, “So? What does this have to do with a city councilors job?”

Well, the sum of a person’s experiences can determine who he is and what he has learned.

Here are the strengths I managed to acquire during my career and how they translate to making an effective city councilor:
–        In-depth knowledge of developing and overseeing large scale budgets.

[We know that working with the city budget and making the right choices is an important part of the councilor’s responsibilities.]
–        Extensive experience with capital expenditures.

[An integral component of the budget, making the right decisions on expenditures demands in-depth study of the details, and, of course, a bit of wisdom doesn’t hurt.]
– Envisioning and developing long range plans and then implementing the steps required to achieve these.

[Do we have a plan for Washington? Is the plan working? We know that a city must have a vision for the future or it risks losing control of its destiny. We need the right group of people developing a vision and effectively communicating that vision to our residents. Galvanizing our residents toward a shared vision is crucial to making it reality.]
– Through years of project management, I’ve developed effective techniques which include consensus building as a crucial element.

[Vision in place, we must then create a plan based on the goals set out by our vision. I learned a long time ago that goals without a plan are just wishes. A key first step then involves effectively communicating the plan to those who will be crucial to implementing it. Goals are more easily achieved if team members envision them and believe in them.] 
– From my experience dealing with companies and individuals in a variety of countries and cultures, I’ve acquired an understanding of the skills required to facilitate negotiations.

[ Here’s where “the rubber meets the road”. We have nearly ten thousand souls that call Washington home. Each of those souls has minds of their own.]
When it’s time to make a decision, pick a direction, and agree on how to proceed, it can seem like there are ten thousand opinions! How someone handles this is a very important aspect of leadership.
Our city councilors must be professional and respectful of each other and all members of the public when dealing with differences of opinion.
This is a code of conduct I adopted a long time ago (more on my code of conduct in another post), and it requires treating every opinion as being a contribution to the process.
Every position, every opinion that is communicated in an exchange has value because it signifies engagement.

There is value in engaged citizens.

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