2019 Helicopter Egg Drop


An amazing day for families

April 20, 2019 was a first for us in Beaufort County, NC.

The city of Washington organized an unusual Easter Egg Hunt that was free for any of our families with kids of all ages.


Watch the video:



Noon Rotary volunteers helped make it happen

Our city staff put a tremendous amount of work into planning this event and then operating it that Saturday, but they knew the crowds would be overwhelming.

They called for volunteers to help welcome families, give the children their wrist bands, and guide the people around our airfield toward the areas that had been set up for their age groups.

Our Washington Noon Rotary volunteers stepped up to help!

So many great comments

There’s sure to be a 2020 Helicopter Egg Drop and you won’t want to miss it!

Congratulations New Council Members!

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